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The Children of Powerful Men

Crime is a way of life in Cornwall, thanks to the activity of its notorious smuggler kings. But when a strange girl arrives in its ancient capital, intent on causing outrage and mayhem, unprecedented levels of violence and murder follow in her wake.

Tracing his lineage to the Fall of Lyonesse, D.I. James Trescothick is determined to see justice return to the Duchy. However, not everyone is so keen on seeing the guilty punished...

Not when so much dirty money washes through the local police force, covering Trescothick's fellow officers in the way an Atlantic tide smothers the sandy beaches of Cornwall's celebrated coast!

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The Children of Powerful Men is a truly unique, genre-defying novel.


Featuring the infamous King of Prussia Cove, the murder of Sir Nicholas Slanning, the folklore of the Mermaid of Zennor and the tragedy of Charlotte Dymond, amongst other tales, this Celtic Crime Fiction has it's roots in the folklore, history and literature of both Cornwall and Dartmoor.

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